Fearless Girl

Case Film

Investment firm, State Street Global Advisors, created a way to invest in companies with more women in leadership: the SHE fund. Not because it was fair. Or nice. But because companies with women in leadership perform better. And this International Women’s Day, we wanted the world to see the power of women. So we challenged the symbol of corporate America, Wall Street’s Charging Bull, with one Fearless Girl.

“She reminds you that while marching is important,
sometimes you can make a difference by standing still.”
“The Fearless Girl
may change the face
of Wall Street.”
“The ‘Fearless Girl’ has arrived. SHE is in our minds and
bodies permanently. SHE will not be ignored. SHE will not be
compromised. SHE will not be marginalized. SHE will not grow old
waiting for equality. SHE is the future, and the Future is NOW.”

Launch Film

“I think the ‘Fearless Girl’ is
terrific. I hope she stands there
until the bull falls over.”
U.S. Senator
Elizabeth Warren
“The little girl has done more to raise awareness about the role
of women in finance than any high-powered women’s group
...and she’s only a few weeks old.”

384% Increase

In SHE Fund shares
traded daily.

379% Increase

In State Street share
of voice.

120+ Countries

Covered the fearless
girl story.

4000+ Broadcasts

In the United States alone.

3.3 Billion

Twitter impressions.

405 Million

Instagram impressions.