When the U.S. Senate ignored the 90% of Americans who supported background checks on all gun sales, it became painfully clear that the average citizen needed a new way to be heard. The tried and true online petition that you ‘click’ and forget about 2 seconds later wasn’t enough. So Voices Against Violence built an innovative, new platform that not only enabled people to actively voice their support, but also turned their voices into unique social currency. The result is the world's first petition you sign with your voice, and the invention of the personalized Voice Signature.

Visitors to VoicesAgainstViolence.com or the iOS app were invited to record the simple and defining phrase, “My voice matters!” Their voices were then transformed into 3D visual renderings called Voice Signatures. Just like a fingerprint, no two Voice Signatures are alike. This unique Voice Signature was then used to sign the petition, be shared with others, and even turned into their social media profiles and backgrounds.

The platform launched at the 50th Anniversary March on Washington, commemorating MLK’s, “I have a dream” speech. Thousands turned out to raise their voices against gun violence, while celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Elton John, Jim Carey and VAV co-founder, Tony Bennett made their voices heard online and in voicemails to Congress. Voices Against Violence continues to explore new ways to amplify the voice of the American people and to show that the only thing more powerful than a moment of silence is a movement of noise.

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